Meet Our Rescued Farm Animal Residents!

Biscuit, a 15 yr old gelding mini horse, was abandoned by his owners, adopted by a school, and then in need of a place to live out the rest of his years. He came to us with only one eye and that eye ended up needing to be removed. He is now eyeless and doing fine with blind life! Biscuit is as sweet and docile as they come!

Duke, a 12 yr old gelding mini horse, needed placement when his owner, due to her husband’s battle with cancer, could no longer care for him. Duke is a playful, bright young guy who is a joy to have on the farm!

Buttercup, a 15 yr old mare mini horse, was living with several other horses on a property where their owner did not provide them with care and love. She was used for breeding. She came to us through Save The Horses. Buttercup is a beauty, inside and out!

Hamilton was taken in by animal control, who reached out to us to see if we could take him in. We said of course! And are so glad we did! He is a super friendly, handsome, fun-loving goat who brings much needed silliness to the farm.

Billy was kicked out of his home by his neighborhood’s HOA. He has joined life on the farm and is a perfect companion for Hamilton! They are peas in a pod and a true joy to care for.

We have two potbellied pigs living at the farm! Oliver (on the left) is an outgoing (and a bit demanding, ha!) potbellied pig who came to us from animal control. Amelia (on the right), is a shy and docile potbellied pig who came to us from a neglect situation.

Lena needed safe placement after a coyote attacked and killed her goat mama. Lena is the silliest of the goats! Very typical mischievous, loves to climb and get into things she shouldn’t … and there is never a dull moment with her around!