This graphic shows the relationship between our sanctuary and the communities surrounding it. When done effectively, all the places where Deaf and Hearing communities overlap and engage with one another provide a framework for a healthy ecosystem, allowing our work to become a model for other organizations and communities to use.


We plan to use the Appreciative Inquiry model in our planning. Appreciative Inquiry is a theory and practice for approaching change from a holistic framework. Based on the belief that human systems are made and imagined by those who live and work within them, AI leads systems to move toward the generative and creative images that reside in people’s most positive core – their values, visions, achievements, and best practices.” seeks to discover people’s exceptionality – their unique gifts, strengths, and qualities. It actively searches and recognizes people for their specialties – their essential contributions and achievements. And it is based on principles of equality of voice – everyone is asked to speak about their vision of the true, the good, and the possible. This inquiry focuses us on the positive aspects of our lives and leverages them to correct the negative. It’s the opposite of ‘problem-solving.

Why will we build F3?

Animal rescue
Rise of mainstreaming - DHH kids disconnected from each other and from Deaf adults
Reframe how hearing view Deaf
Spaces/places for Deaf on the decline
Combine our passions and skills
Need for positive, uplifting, safe environment
Incubator for Deaf businesses, Deaf art, and Deaf life

How will we sustain F3?

  • Membership fees
  • Portal subscription fees
  • Sales from thrift store
  • Plant/veg/flower sales
  • Camper fees
  • Wedding/event fees
  • Lodge and cottage rentals
  • Bed and Breakfast
  • Community class registrations
  • Dog and cat adoption fees
  • Donations from the public
  • Grants